He Reaches For Us

The Intercession

The above movie is of a Visual Worship Performance at the Men At The Cross Conference in Hershey, PA where Brian performed with Christian Recording Artist Michael W. Smith to his song “Above All.”

A Child Is Born, A Son Is Given

Performed on Christmas Eve 2009 at First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA. Soloist Heather Richardson and the FBCW Choir and Orchestra perform the song "A Baby Changes Everything".

The painting begins with a depiction of the Nativity scene. Notice the symbolism of the "sacrifices" shown in this beginning image. But wait, there's one final sacrifice to be shown!

Shown in the video above, the second in a series of Visual Worship Paintings. Watch as Brian once again takes a very abstract image and evolves it into a depiction of Christ on the Cross. This performance was done live with Christian Recording Artists Calling Levi to the song “The Power Of The Cross.”

High & Exalted

This was performed live at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA during all three morning services. A depiction of Jesus sitting on the throne with two Seraphim angels on either side of Him, one holding a cross and the other a crown of thorns. The song used during this performance was “Unto The Lamb” and was performed by the FBCW Choir and Orchestra along with soloist Kristi Walker.

Living Proof

On Easter Sunday 2009, artist Brian Keith Daniel performs his painting "Living Proof" as Christian Recording Artists Newsong & Charles Billingsley perform "Arise My Love" at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA.

I Am With You Always

Performed at the Johnny Hunt Men's Conference, First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA in 2009. Singing "Sober Me" is Jamie Clements with piano by Cliff Duren.

The imagery in this painting depicts a man sitting on a bed with an empty bottle behind him and a laptop computer in front of him, suggesting obvious struggles. But, remember, we carry Jesus with us everywhere we go, and HE can be our strength to overcome, if we humble ourselves and allow Him!!