Before & After Images of Brian's Paintings

The Paintings
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Lion and Lamb - Beginning.jpg

Lion & Lamb - Before

Lion and Lamb - Finished.jpg

Lion & Lamb - After

The Intercession - Beginning.jpg

The Intercession - Before

The Intercession - Finished.jpg

The Intercession - After

He Reaches For Us - Beginning.jpg

He Reaches For Us - Before

He Reaches For Us - Finished.jpg

He Reaches For Us - After

A Child Is Born.jpg

A Child Is Born

A Son Is Given.jpg

A Son Is Given

Living Proof - Beginning.jpg

Living Proof - Before

Living Proof - Finished.jpg

Living Proof - After

High and Exalted-Beginning.jpg

High & Exalted - Before

High and Exalted-Finished.jpg

High & Exalted - After

I Am With You Always-beginning.jpg

I AM With You Always - Before

I Am With You Always-finished.jpg

I AM With You Always - After

Annunciation - Beginning.jpg

Annunciation - Before

Annunciation - Finished.jpg

Annunciation - After

Road To Bethlehem - Beginning.jpg

Road To Bethlehem - Before

Road To Bethlehem - Finished.jpg

Road To Bethlehem - After

No Room - Beginning.jpg

No Room - Before

No Room - Finished.jpg

No Room - After

God With Us - Beginning.jpg

God With Us - Before

God With Us - Finished.jpg

God With Us - After

Shepherd Boy - Beginning.jpg

Shepherd Boy - Before

Shepherd Boy - Finished.jpg

Shepherd Boy - After

Wise Men - Beginning.jpg

Wise Men - Before

Wise Men - Finished.jpg

Wise Men - After

The Least of These-beginning.jpg

The Least of These - Before

The Least of These-finished.jpg

The Least of These - After

The Guardian - Beginning.jpg

The Guardian - Before

The Guardian - Finished.jpg

The Guardian - After

The Father's Love-beginning.jpg

The Father's Love - Before

The Fathers Love-finished.jpg

The Father's Love - After

Redeemer - Beginning.jpg

Redeemer - Before

Redeemer - Finished.jpg

Redeemer - After

Giver of Hope - Beginning.jpg

Giver of Hope - Before

Giver of Hope - Finished.jpg

Giver of Hope - After

Beautiful Surrender-beginning.jpg

Beautiful Surrender - Before

Beautiful Surrender-finished.jpg

Beautiful Surrender - After