Creative Curations


Early in the morning....and I mean EARLY....I have been awakened by God three times this week. How do I know it was Him? Because each time I felt burdened to pray for something different. Some personal. Some for others. Each time I was not allowed to fall back asleep, though believe me, I tried! I love my sleep. Good deep sleep. But it wasn’t happening. No, not this week. So each time I would get up and spend the time in devotion, reading scripture and finishing Louie Giglio’s new book, “Not Forsaken”. This is what I learned..... I am imperfect, though that is not what God wants me to be. I can call myself a sinner, but that is not who God wants me to be either. I am a son of a human man, but God wants more for me than that as well. He wants me to realize that He is a Perfect Father. My Perfect Father. He has called me to model His example, as best as I possibly can. He wants me to know I am His Child, and therefore, I am an eternal being with an eternal Heavenly Family. As soon as we start seeing ourselves the way God see us, perhaps we can start living the full life He intends for us. Not a minute sooner. Not a minute too late.